A Night Out on Jackson’s Best Party Bus

Thinking about booking a  Jackson party bus for your next big night out? It can be a great transportation option or even be your group’s main source of entertainment for the entire night! Are you unsure on pricing, vehicle types, potential stops and company options? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This guide will cover all of that and more so you can ensure you book the right party bus at the right price for your next night out in Jackson Hole. We’ll also let you know how to get access to a massive hot tub for the price of a cold beer!

Jackson Hole party bus

Set your Budget

Going out on the town can be as cheap or as expensive as your group wants, as long as you plan accordingly. Otherwise you might spend more than you anticipated once the drinks are a flowin’. If you make sure to stock the party bus with plenty of alcohol you can reduce the number of drinks you have to buy at the bar, these quickly add up with drinks averaging over 10 dollars.

One of the best ways to save money on a party bus is by booking a round trip discounted rate. On a round trip service, you will only have access to the vehicle at the beginning and end of your reservation but it will save you a lot of money. Take advantage of this service by booking a dinner reservation near the Town Square and plan on walking to your various stops throughout the night.

Another key part of your night’s budget will be what drinking establishments you decide to go to. Will you have beers at a bar or bottle service at a club?


Jackson Hole limousine service

Decide on your Vehicle

No two party buses are the same and finding the right one for you is crucial to your night’s success. We recommend only true party buses, outfitted with wraparound seating, surround sound speakers, LED mood lighting and bars. Check out our 6 Things to look for in your party bus in Jackson, WY article for more precise information. You will also want to make sure your party bus is big enough for your entire party plus a few extra spots in case you meet any fun locals!

Pick your Stops

Creating the perfect itinerary for your night out is just as important as finding the right vehicle! We’d love to tell you the exact route you should take, but everyone has their own preferences. Whether that’s dive bars, breweries, a winery, hotel lounges or square dancing saloons. Personally, we recommend a little bit of everything!


You’re going to want to eat before you start ripping polar bear fights at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, luckily Jackson has one of the best food scenes in the Rockies. Snake River Grill is the most famous dining institution in the area but you’ll want to reach out months in advance, especially if you want the private dining room. There are also several great sushi restaurants, including Kampai, Suda and King Sushi. For more casual dining, we recommend Pica’s (mexican), Hand Fire (pizza) and Teton Thai.

If you’re trying to save money on dinner and your Jackson Hole limousine, eat at the Airbnb. That way you don’t have to pay for the bus sitting out back while you eat out!


There are dozens of drinking establishments in Jackson and far too many great ones to list in this article. If you’re a brewery person, make sure to check out our Best breweries in Jackson Hole article! Otherwise, we recommend starting off the night on Jackson Hole Winery’s outdoor patio. Then headed on over to Coelette for some great artisan cocktails. Next, walk over to either The Silver Dollar or The Million Dollar Cowboy for live music, depending on the night of the week. You can spend the rest of your night here or head to a hotel lounge for a night cap.

Hotel Lounges

Hotel lounges can be a great place to either start the evening or end the night. Luckily, Jackson has a few great ones, depending on where you’re staying and what time of year it is. If you’re in Teton Village, Ascent Lounge in the Four Seasons is hard to beat. However, if you’re looking for a younger, hipper crowd, the bar at the Continuum is a great scene. You can also get in their massive hot tub if you purchase a drink! In the town of Jackson, the Cloudveil has our favorite bar. Unless, you’re willing to drive up to the Amangani, where the views are worth the cost!


Bonus: Pictures

Want memorable pictures from your unforgettable night out in Charleston? Have your party bus take you to Mormon Row, preferably after dinner and before the bars. You can time it up with golden hour for some great pics with the Grand Teton behind you. It’s also a great time to dance around the party bus a little longer and put back a couple more shots before you go out for the night. With any luck you’ll see some wildlife while you’re out there!

Compare Companies

Now that you’ve figured out your budget, what type of bus you want and where you’re going, it’s time to select the right party bus company. Double Black is the only true party bus company in Jackson if you’re looking for a vehicle with wraparound seats, LED mood lighting and surround sound music. But you can also reach out to more classic bus companies if you prefer row seating. For a deeper dive, check out our Who has the Best Party Bus in Jackson Hole article.


Jackson Hole Party Bus


Jackson Hole is one of the best travel destinations in the country and the best way to take advantage of it is by booking a party bus or Jackson Hole limousine. Now you know how to book one, where to take it and how to keep it within your budget. If you still have any questions or want help building your itinerary, give us a shout!