Jackson Hole Party Bus

Experience Jackson Hole’s vast valley in unparalleled style.

Whether it’s a night out, bar crawl, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Our buses feature dual flat screen TVs (43” and 28”), a powerful sound system, and ample luggage space, ensuring your comfort and entertainment from one destination to the next.

Experience Jackson Hole's Best Party Bus

Double Black’s party buses deliver more than transportation; they promise an exceptional journey.

Equipped with the latest technology and sleek design elements, our 2021 custom-crafted vehicles elevate the luxury transportation scene in Jackson Hole.

2 Flat Screen TVs
LED Mood Lighting
Wrap Around Seating
Surround Sound Speakers
Ice Cold Bar

Modern Luxury Awaits

Step into the future of upscale transportation, where every element is meticulously crafted for your utmost comfort and pleasure.

Party Bus Features

Crafted for the perfect celebration, Double Black’s party buses come with a range of top-notch features.

From the cutting-edge sound system to the chilled bar, we make sure the party vibe stays strong throughout your ride.

Two Flat Screen TVs

We’ve equipped our buses with two flat screens. Whether you want to play some music videos, share a slideshow of memories, or watch a movie, the choice is yours.

It’s your journey, tailor it to your mood.

IMG 6503

LED Mood Lighting

Lighting can make or break an atmosphere. Our buses come with adjustable LED lighting, providing just the right ambiance for your journey. And if you want, sync them to your music for a little extra flair.

Revel in an atmosphere that pulsates and thrills, mirroring the very essence of your celebration.

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Surround Sound Speakers

Good music is the soul of any party. 

Our buses feature high-quality surround sound speakers, ensuring every track sounds just right, from old favorites to the latest hits.

Passenger Side Facing

Wraparound Seating

Luxury meets comfort in our buses. The sleek, wraparound seating ensures no one’s left out of the fun.

Gather, toast, and relish in the shared moments that become cherished memories.

IMG 6504 1 e1691432182166

Ice Cold Bar

No party is complete without refreshments.

Our onboard bar ensures your drinks remain cool, so whether it’s champagne or soda, it’s served at the perfect temperature.

IMG 6507

Let’s Make the Night Unforgettable

Double Black is more than just a ride – it’s an experience. With our state-of-the-art party buses, we turn every journey into a memorable event.

Call us at (307) 413-8040 or fill out our Quote Request Form to book your luxury transportation today. 

Experience the Double Black difference.


Experience Jackson Hole's Best Party Bus