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6 Things to look for in your party bus in Jackson, WY

Are you planning a night out in Jackson Hole and want to book a party bus for your transportation? Party buses can be an awesome addition to your night but you will want to make sure that you book the right one for your group! Some of the features you could be looking for are LED lights, surround sound and wraparound seating.

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Why Book a Party Bus in Jackson Hole?

There are tons of reasons to rent a party bus in Jackson Hole, whether it’s for a birthday party, bar crawl, wedding or night out on the town! We even made a list of the 11 occasions to rent a party bus in Jackson Hole that you can check out if you need inspiration. But now let’s dive into the features that you will be looking for on your next party bus!

1. Sound System

Without a good sound system, a party bus is really just a bus. That’s why you have to make sure that the bus you are booking will be able to blast some bangers as loud as you want. At Double Black, our Jackson Hole Limousine is equipped with Rockford Fosgate Speakers and multiple heavy-duty subwoofers that guarantee you’ll be able to rock out all night long.

2. Wraparound Seating

Wraparound seating provides a much more intimate setting for you and your guests than standard row seating that is common on regular buses.  Also it allows there to be a much larger area for dancing, which is what party buses are all about!

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3. Good Driver

Having an informed, reliable driver is essential when booking any type of transportation service. However, it is even more important when booking a party bus because the passengers are often tourists. At Double Black, we ensure that all of our drivers are well versed in Jackson nightlife and trained to make you have the most fun night possible.

4. LED Lights

A good lighting package makes all the difference when it comes to party buses. It’s what allows you to turn a bus into your very own personal nightclub on wheels. All of Double Black’s buses are equipped with rope, laser and mood lighting.

5. Open Bars

It is essential to have coolers full of ice on your party bus to keep your drinks cold throughout the night.

Jackson Hole limousine service

6. Plan

Perhaps the most important feature of your party bus is not actually a built-in-feature, it’s your plan for the night! Party buses are only as fun as the night you book them for. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, beach day, bachelor(ette) party or concert, it’s important to plan out your stops and activities for the night. If you need some inspiration, check out our best things to do in Jackson Hole this summer.

Conclusion - Features of a party bus in Jackson,WY

Party buses can be great and make your night when partying in Jackson Hole. However, you will want to make sure that they are equipped with speakers, lights, wraparound seating and bars. Also, it is crucial that you back those features up with a fun, experienced driver and a great plan for your night!

If you decide you want a party bus or Jackson Hole limousine with all of these features and more, make sure to request a quote today from Double Black!

Do you think we missed any necessary features of a party bus? Let us know in the comments below!