6 Must-Know Tips to Book a Jackson Hole Limo

Are you trying to ride in style during your next trip to Jackson Hole? Then you should consider booking a Jackson Hole limo service. There’s one caveat, Jackson isn’t meant for low-riding limos with little clearance to maneuver across our vast terrain of mountains and valleys. Instead, our version of limos are state-of-the-art party buses with 4WD and massive snow tires! But don’t worry, you’ll come to see that while our party buses are beasts on the outside, they’re even more luxurious than limousines on the inside. This is because they have cutting edge technology, including bluetooth speakers and several iphone chargers, as well as sophisticated interior designs.

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How to Book a Jackson Hole Limo Under Budget

Jackson Hole is the perfect place to book a limo bus for your next big trip. There’s great square dancing nightlife, golf courses, an amazing food scene, 2 national parks and nearly half a dozen different cool towns. All of these great attractions are spread out between Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho and are more thoroughly enjoyed while drinking alcohol, making it the perfect scenario to book a Jackson Hole limousine!

Unfortunately, party buses are often sold out and when they are available, they tend to be expensive. That’s why we’ve built this list of 6 must-know tips that will help you save money while having the best party bus experience possible.

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Make Sure your Party Bus Has all of the Features

Before you can start comparing rates, you’re going to want to make sure that all of the vehicles you’re checking out are actually limousines/party buses. The necessary features include wraparound seating, surround sound speakers and LED mood lighting. Also, as we already previously mentioned, you’re going to need a vehicle with a high clearance to navigate the roads in Jackson Hole, especially during the winter! The fact that ceilings are much higher in party buses and allow actual dancing is just an added bonus! For a more in depth look, check out our article 6 things to look for in a Jackson Hole party bus

The most classic mix up here is when people accidentally book a charter bus with row seating instead of wraparound seating. This may not sound like a big deal at first, but trust us this will completely ruin the party atmosphere by making everyone sit in groups of two and not allowing any room for dancing. Wraparound seating creates an intimate experience for all of your guests to interact with each other and opens up the middle for a big dance floor.

Other features that you may want your bus to have include ice bars (to keep your beverages cold), bluetooth (so you don’t get stuck on the radio), TVs (for extra entertainment) and a wall partition (to give your group privacy from the driver). Don’t worry, all of Double Black’s party buses have all of these extra features as well!

Book a Non-Peak Time

Booking a party bus is similar to booking other services, in which the time and date of your reservation is reflected in the final price. Considering Jackson Hole hosts over 500 weddings a year, Saturdays (especially in the Summer and Fall) are the most sought after dates for party buses. Fridays are also busy, as they are part of the weekend and a big night for bachelor(ette) parties. Booking a party bus on a Thursday or Sunday can be a great way to save some money and still have a blast. Make sure to check out Double Black’s party bus weeknight discounts!


Decide What Type of Service

While most people decide to book party buses with an hourly service, where they have access to the vehicle the entire time, it’s not your only option! A great way to save money is by booking a round trip discounted rate where you only have access to the vehicle at the beginning and end of the reservation. This is ideal for groups staying in Victor, Driggs, Alpine or one of the other many towns located 30+ minutes away from Downtown Jackson and just looking for transportation to and from the Town Square, rather than partying on a bus all night long.

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Compare Rates

The best way to ensure you are getting the best price for your Jackson Hole limo service is to get quotes from all three of the major providers (Double Black Transportation, Knight Limousine and Summit Transportation). Double Black has the only true party buses that are outfitted with all of the luxury amenities and built for Wyoming roads, they also have the best discounts including weekday, roundtrip, half-day, full-day and multi-day. Summit Transportation has a big fleet of charter buses but they do not have any vehicles with wraparound seating. It’s still best to get quoted from all three vendors and then go from there.

Decipher What's Included

Different companies have different rate packages with various fees and gratuities included. A lot of transportation companies like to add on fees after promising a lower hourly rate, these can include a fuel surcharge, booking fees, cancellation insurance and more. At Double Black we include all of these costs in order to give our clients a straightforward price without any surprises when they get the bill. Some companies also include gratuity while others do not. At Double Black we allow our clients to decide on the gratuity after the ride is over, this way they can decide themselves if and how much our drivers deserve, rather than it being an automatic charge.

Read Reviews!

You’ll want to check the internet for some authentic reviews once you think you’ve found the right party bus for your next adventure. We recommend looking for these on Google rather than the company’s own website, where they can cherry pick and edit the most favorable reviews out there. Make sure to look at the lowest reviews left on Google, this will offer you a look into what could go wrong and how the charter company handled it. You can read Double Black’s reviews here!

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Conclusion: Find the Right Jackson Hole Limo for you!

Between the excellent year-round attractions, the extravagant features and the world-class service, there’s nothing quite like a Jackson Hole limo. Unfortunately, this desirable trio can create high demand and costly prices. The best way to guarantee you a great rate and an even better experience is by requesting non-peak times, comparing rates and determining the right service/vehicle for your group. We hope this guide has helped you figure out the right next couple of steps in your planning process. If you have any questions or need help coordinating your next party, request a quote from Double Black today!