Who has the Best Party Bus in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is a premier travel destination for bachelor(ette) parties, weddings, birthdays and every other celebration that involves drinking and fun. Charleston brought in over 2.6 million tourists last year and you can bet that a lot of them were on drinking vacations celebrating someone or something. Jackson Hole Valley is also a very spread out area made up of half a dozen towns between two states, making transportation one of the most important aspects of any trip to Jackson. Enter the Jackson party bus, a festive chariot designed to enhance any daytime activity or night out. 

Since there are so many people visiting Jackson every weekend and it’s a booze fueled, spread out region, it is essential to learn everything possible about booking a party bus. This guide will cover what exactly makes a vehicle a party bus, when you should book it and most importantly, who has the best limo service in Jackson Hole!


Jackson Hole Party Bus

What is a Jackson Party Bus?

A party bus is a vehicle designed for large groups of people to drink and dance on, while being taken to the attractions of their choice. A few required features of any respectable party bus include wraparound seating, LED mood lighting, surround sound speakers and ice bars. Let’s see why each of these is critical in turning a bus into a party bus:

Wraparound seating - While some people might find the type of seating a boring aspect, it is often the crucial factor in whether a bus is just a nice luxurious charter vehicle or an actual part bus. Row seating, which is standard in regular charter buses, dissects the feng shui of a bus and makes it impossible for everyone to interact with each other. Wraparound seating, the gold standard of party buses, creates an intimate atmosphere where everyone is looking at each other. It also frees up the middle of the vehicle to form a mobile dance floor!

LED Mood Lighting - Another essential difference between charter buses and party buses is the lighting. You want to make sure to find a party bus that is equipped with lots of LED lights that can change to the beat of the music. This will create a club-like atmosphere on your bus!

Surround-sound speakers - While almost all vehicles have some form of speaker, you will want to find a party bus that can bump as loud as possible for your night out on the town!

Ice bars - It’s difficult to keep the party going without cold beer and seltzers. That’s why we recommend finding a party bus that is outfitted with ice chests or coolers.

jackson party bus

When Should You Book a Party Bus?

There is always a good reason to book a party bus in Jackson Hole. While wedding parties and bachelorettes are the most frequent customers, it’s also an easy way to cement any celebration as a memory for life. 

We recommend utilizing a party bus for nights on the town, hiking trips, golf tournaments, brunch & shopping, airport transfers, shooting ranges, concert nights, Sunday Church service and more!

Jackson Hole limousine service

Who has the Best Party Bus in Jackson?

Double Black Transportation has the best party bus in Jackson Hole! All of our vehicles are outfitted with the essential features we discussed earlier in this article. They’ve also all been custom built within the last couple years so they are in great shape and have cutting edge technology. Most importantly, they are all backed by world class service and chauffeurs that know the Tetons. 

We also take pride in our planning capabilities and would love to help coordinate your next endeavor whether it’s dinner reservations, bottle service at a club or simply building the best crawl possible, suited to your specific preferences.

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There is no better way to explore the Tetons than a Jackson Hole limo and no better company to hire than Double Black. Our vehicles and drivers will guarantee that you have a day or night to remember. Request a quote today!