How to Book a Jackson Hole Limo Service

Have you thought about booking a Jackson Hole limo service for your night out in the Tetons? As with most services, transportation can be extremely tricky in Jackson Hole. There is a serious labor shortage in Jackson and a high demand for driving services. Also, everyone tends to need transportation at the same time (to town for dinner and back home after the bars close). This translates to extremely long wait times for taxis and Ubers, if you’re lucky enough to reach one. To make matters worse, most of the taxi companies will not accept reservations after 10:00 pm.

The best remedy for this is booking a Jackson Hole limo service! This will guarantee you a reliable, safe ride home at whatever time you need. It will also be a lot more fun and convenient than any other ride in town. So how do you go about booking a limo in Jackson? Well first all of you don’t actually book a limousine. Jackson Hole has a lot of tough terrain, no matter the season, so there aren’t any limos in town. Instead there’s Double Black’s limo bus! With 4WD, snow tires and high suspension on the outside, and a 22-passenger wraparound seating format, surround-sound speakers, LED mood lighting and ice bars on the inside, these things have it all!

If you're looking for places to take your limobus, check out our comprehensive best things to do in Jackson Hole in summer guide and its counterpart best things do in Jackson Hole in winter.

Jackson Hole limousine service
Jackson Hole limo


Now that you know you’ll be riding in a limo bus instead of a standard limo, how do you go about booking one for your next trip to Jackson Hole? You’ll need to determine when you want the Jackson Hole limo service, where you’re going and who’s coming along for the ride.

First you’ll have to decide when on your trip you want to book a party bus. If it was up to us, we’d reserve one the whole trip and take advantage of Double Black’s multi-day discounts. However, everyone’s plan and budget is different. You’ll want to keep in mind that Saturday is the busiest day, so the demand and price are higher than any other day of the week. Fridays are also busy, as they are part of the weekend. Booking a party bus on a Thursday or Sunday can be a great way to save some money and still have a blast. Check out Double Black’s weekday discounts.

Jackson WY limousine service

Where to go?!

Now that you’ve decided the day and time, you’ll have to figure out your stops. For a lot of people staying outside of Jackson (Teton Village, Victor, Driggs, Alpine, etc.) this is relatively easy. They want the party bus to take them downtown around the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and eventually back home. However, that is not always the case! Some other great options include going to the mountain, Grand Teton National Park, brewery tours, a distillery or winery and more! Check out our Jackson Hole bachelorette party or jackson hole bachelor party guide for some inspiration! We’ve also got a best brewery in Jackson Hole guide that is very scenic and can last 6+ hours.

Who to go with?!

The next step is to decide on your guest list. If you’re on a trip that’s pretty easy, just the same people as you’re traveling with. However, if you are a local or know locals, that might get trickier. Either way we suggest you always leave a couple open spots in case you find some really fun people at the Cowboy!


Quote it out!

Now that you know the when, how and what of your Jackson party bus rental, it’s time to find your provider. There is only one main party bus company in Jackson: Double Black Transportation. Luckily, they don’t take advantage of that by gouging you with prices. They actually have great discounts including weekday, roundtrip, half-day, full-day and multi-day. If they do not have any availability you can check out Knight Limousine for a stretch limo or Summit Transportation for a coach bus.

Jackson Hole Party Bus


While Double Black might not look like a typical limo, it is the best Jackson Hole limo service out there! This is because our vehicles are custom designed for rockstars in the Rockies. We also specialize in curating itineraries for our clients, so give us a shout and we’ll help plan your next night out in Jackson Hole.