10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Party Bus in Jackson, WY

Are you trying to plan your next big night out in Jackson, WY and unsure what to do. We’re here to tell you that booking a party bus could be the best decision for you and your friends. Whether you want to use it to take a Jackson bar crawl or just ride on it all night long, we have 10 reasons why it’s the answer to your prayers!

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You don't have to Drive

This one’s a no brainer. Driving drunk is stupid and illegal and party buses make it unnecessary. They also eliminate the need for DDs. Instead, you and your guests get to drink to one’s content without having to worry about how you’re going to get home.

Other options include Ubers which have gotten insanely expensive and taxis which are nonexistent. That’s why booking a party bus and making the trip as fun as the destination is the best option!

Jackson Hole Bar Crawl

Another great perk of setting up a party bus is that you can have it take you to as many drinking establishments as you want. You can either make a cohesive plan for the night out with multiple stops or see where the night takes you and leave whenever a bar is too empty or becomes too crowded.

Double Black offers the best Jackson Hole bar crawl with stops at rooftop bars, breweries and a nightclub!

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You can Stand/Dance

One of the biggest advantages of party buses over limos is the height inside of the vehicle. Party buses allow you to stand and more importantly dance all over the place, including on the seats. Which anyone who has ever ridden on a party bus in Jackson, WY knows they’ll end up doing.

Limos are too low to the point where if you want to change seats you have to do this awkward bent over walk while putting your hands on everyone else’s knees.

You Become the Taxi

Not only do you not have to get Uber when you get a party bus, no one else does either! Rather than hosting an unnecessary pregame you can just go around Jackson picking up all your friends.

You can drop everyone off at the end of the night as well!

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Lights, Music, Action!

A party bus is truly your own private night club on wheels. No more having to tip/flirt with the DJ for them to finally play a song you like. When you’re on a Jackson party bus you get to control the LED lights and tunes the entire time.

So whether you’re a country boy or an edm princess, it’ll be your ideal setting all night long!


You Decide when the Party is Over!

With bars closing at 2:00 am, you often want to keep the night going long after last call. Party buses provide the perfect area to keep on partying without risking any noise complaints from your neighbors.

Jackson Hole is Spread Out

Jackson Hole is made up of three towns tens of miles away from each other, making transportation difficult on a night out. The rural areas tend to be where all the larger Airbnbs are as well. So if you’re visiting with a bunch of friends, a party bus makes way more sense than trying to prearrange several independent taxis. Not to mention, it’s way more fun!

There's no Bouncer

We’re not saying that you’re the type of person who gets kicked out of establishments, but booking a party bus is a nice way to guarantee it won’t happen to any of your friends.

That is, unless you’re the one kicking them out!


You're the Bouncer!

Making the guest list of a night out always helps ensure a great night. You can make sure none of the chads, brads or thads make it onto your bus and keep the guy/girl ratio in your favor no matter what your plans are.


You don't have to buy Drinks

While party buses can sound expensive at first, you end up saving a lot of money that would’ve been spent on $15 drinks at the bar. Instead, you can pick up a couple handles of Tito’s and Casamigos and make your drinks to your liking.

Consensus: Book a Party Bus in Charleston, SC

Nothing beats being a benevolent dictator and between music choice, light preference and curating the guest list, that’s what you get to be when you book a party bus in Jackson, WY. Add in that you don’t have to drink and drive, instead dancing the whole way to the club and it becomes clear it's the right move for your next night out!

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