How to Utilize a Jackson Hole Party Bus for Halloween

Jackson Hole is a top-tier travel destination for many reasons including its proximity to two national parks, world class golf courses and delicious restaurants. Unfortunately, it is also extremely spread out, making it somewhat difficult to celebrate Halloween in. Have no fear, Double Black is here!


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Jackson Hole is spread out across three towns and dozens of miles, making transportation difficult if you tend to indulge with intoxicating potions. In comes the fabled Double Black Jackson Hole Party Bus, your majestic black steed for Hallow’s Eve. Outfitted with surround sound speakers, LED mood lighting and two ice bars, there’s no need to decorate when you’ve got a custom party bus at your disposal. 

Whether you want to go trick or treating with the kids, bar hop downtown or experience one of Jackson’s famous ghost trail rides, a party bus is guaranteed to be the most fun way for your group to experience Halloween. That’s why we’ve made this guide on how best to utilize a party bus this upcoming Halloween weekend!

Pro Tip:

If you do want to decorate your party bus, a little dry ice goes a long way! It also creates very dramatic entrances anytime someone gets on or off the vehicle.

Trick or Treating

Taking your kids trick or treating in a party bus is the ultimate spooky life hack. You and your friends get to have your own private party while chauffeuring your kids to all the best neighborhoods. It’s the perfect way to let them experience adolescence while also keeping an eye on them.

Haunting of Jackson Hole

You won’t want to miss Jackson’s all-day event located at the Teton County Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 29th. Starting bright and early with the free costume dog parade and 10 am, there’s no better way to celebrate your pets than putting them in an adorable costume against their will. This is followed up by the childrens costume contest at noon. Last but not least, the Ghost Town Ball goes from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and tickets are only $20.

If you’re planning on going with a large pack of friends you should seriously consider booking a party bus for your group transportation to Jackson Hole.

Bar Hop

Jackson Hole has a handful of fun bars that are sure to be popping for Halloween. Unfortunately, they are spread out between Teton Village, Wilson, South Jackson and Jackson. This provides ample opportunity to build your own crawl with your group and avoid massive crowds (lines). Also, if you book a Jackson bar crawl through Double Black, you can go to your favorite bars all across the area and not just the ones downtown.

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Shop & Dine

There are dozens of great shops in Jackson and plenty of them are offering great sales during the off-season. Unfortunately, shopping isn’t really enough entertainment for Halloween so you’ll want to pair it with dinner at one of Jackson’s many delicious restaurants for a full night out. While you’re at it you might as well hit some bars after dinner and you guessed it! Book a party bus for transportation in between all of the night’s stops.

Scenic Brewery Tour

Our favorite activity, no matter the season, is our Scenic brewery tour of Jackson Hole. This is where you get to sit back and enjoy the views of the Snake River Canyon, the Palisades Reservoir and the Teton Pass while stopping at three of the best local breweries in the area: Melvin, Roadhouse and Grand Teton. Each stop includes a signature flight of the brewery’s latest and greatest beers. We recommend either bringing or purchasing a growler so you can fill up on your favorite brews, that way you can drink in between stops as well!

Nightmare on Cache

Hand Fire Pizza is hosting a silent disco from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am on Saturday, October 29th. This will surely be the place to be if you’re still living in the no-kids halloween world. However, Ubers and taxis will definitely be difficult to secure the night of. That’s why we recommend booking one of Double Black’s signature party buses for you and the gang.

We hope you enjoyed this list. While these are just a few examples of how you can best utilize a Jackson Hole party bus for Halloween, the options are endless! Let us know your spooky holiday plans in the comments below.

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