Scenic Brewery Tour of Jackson Hole

Of all the summer activities in Jackson Hole, there is none better than the scenic brewery tour, where you get to sit back and enjoy the views of the Snake River Canyon, the Palisades Reservoir and the Teton Pass while stopping at three of the best local breweries in the area: Melvin, Roadhouse and Grand Teton. Each stop includes a signature flight of the brewery’s latest and greatest beers. We recommend either bringing or purchasing a growler so you can fill up on your favorite brews, that way you can drink in between stops as well!

This four and a half hour adventure starts near the Town Square of Jackson and heads up the breathtaking Teton Pass into Eastern Idaho. With sections of the road at a 10% grade, the Teton Pass can be a harrowing drive if you are behind the wheel. Luckily for you, you will be kicking back in the coach of the bus with extra-large windows providing sweeping views of Jackson Hole Valley on the way up and Teton Valley on the way down into Eastern Idaho.


Grand Teton Brewery 

After descending the backside of Teton Pass, you will arrive in Victor, Idaho, home of Grand Teton Brewing. The oldest microbrewery in the region, Grand Teton Brewing has an awesome history and the beer to back it up.

Once we’ve had our fill in Victor, we will coast through Swan Valley and alongside an 18 mile stretch of the Palisades Reservoir next to the Idaho-Wyoming border. Formed by the construction of the Palisades Dam in 1957, the Palisades Reservoir helps the Snake River irrigation scheme deal with drought and also offers a great area for water sporting locals. 

Melvin Brewery 

Shortly after passing the Reservoir, we will arrive at our second brewery, Melvin Brewing’s Mothership Taproom. The winner of Great American Beer Festival’s Brewing Group of the Year (2017), Melvin has some of the most known beer in Jackson Hole and for good reason. Their 30 barrel production facility, located in Alpine, Wyoming is a destination brewery and must-visit for any beer drinker visiting Jackson.

Once our growlers have been refilled with some of Melvin’s award-winning beer, we will head down the Snake River Canyon. A popular destination for rafting trips, this canyon provides beautiful views of both mountains and the River as we head back towards Jackson.

Roadhouse Brewery 

Our third and final stop on the tour is Roadhouse Brewery. As one of the only breweries in Jackson Hole to have a full on-site canning facility, Roadhouse has become a staple of the Jackson Hole beer community. Home to the famous Wilson IPA and Family Vacation golden ale, Roadhouse has some of the best beer in either of the two surrounding valleys.

Lastly, our tour finishes by dropping us back off by the Jackson Town Square, albeit in a much cheerier and fuller mood. If you don’t want to miss this combination of beer and sightseeing, make sure to buy tickets for our weekly Friday Scenic Brewery Tour of Jackson Hole.

Private brewery tours are also available!