Plan Your Dream Wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

plan a wedding in jackson hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a stunning background for any celebration, so why not plan your wedding there? Whether you are living in Jackson Hole or just dreaming of the perfect wedding destination, planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be. To plan your wedding in Jackson Hole, there are many questions you may have, including a few big ones. The good news is, we’re here to answer those big questions and give you a few options to help you begin your wedding planning and start your search.

Wedding Planner: Who can help us plan our wedding?

The first thing you will want to consider when planning a wedding in Jackson Hole is finding someone who knows the area and knows wedding planning best. That’s right, a wedding planner! Not only can a wedding planner help you with the big questions, such as the ones in this article, but they can help you find the best fit in each category. 

There are a few things you may want to decide before meeting with your wedding planner: 

- Have a date in mind for the wedding, but try to be flexible. Sometimes the perfect venue that you want might be booked months in advance, especially during busy season (December through March). Fortunately, there are plenty of picturesque options in Jackson Hole!

- Know your budget. This will give boundaries to your planner so they can better help you. 

- Prepare your guest list. Knowing how many people will be in attendance will affect many decisions you make.

- Know your style. Do you have a theme for the wedding?  A color scheme you would like to use? What kind of set up would you like for your ceremony and your reception? Are you looking for a traditional, modern or rustic aesthetic?

- Think about travel. How many guests will be traveling to Jackson Hole for the wedding or any other celebrations? Where will they be staying? How will they travel between venues?

Wedding planners can also help you with the small details, things you may not think of, such as, do you want a hashtag for your wedding party.  Why? Because, it’s their job to know!  So, don’t be afraid to ask for help and be ready to answer a few questions yourselves.

1. LOBA Events

2. Parker Thomas Events

3. Special Events Jackson Hole

4. Adrienne & Co. Luxury Events

Wedding Venue: Where can we hold the ceremony and reception?

Next thing you will want to figure out is where you will have your wedding and reception. Jackson Hole is surrounded by so much natural beauty that there are options all around. There are a few things you will want to think about as you consider different venues, such as: How many people will be attending your wedding? What services are you looking for the venue to provide? Tables, chairs, decorations, food? Would you like the ceremony and reception to be at the same location? Do you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception?

Once you consider these questions, it should help you narrow down your venue search. Remember, it’s your special day, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you may have in order to find the perfect venue.

1. Snake River Rank
2. Moose Creek Ranch
3. The National Museum of Wildlife Art
4. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa

Wedding Photographer: Who can help capture all the important moments of our wedding?

Once you have seen the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you will fall in love with the idea of its majesty becoming the backdrop for your wedding photos. But who can you find to capture all of the natural wonders in and surrounding Jackson Hole?

A local photographer will help you remember your special day like no other. When you are searching for the best photographer to meet your needs, be sure to ask about all of their favorite backdrops in Jackson Hole. They will likely mention the Town Square Antler Arch, Grand Teton National Park and other special spots that they have come to know through experience. Again, ask all the questions you may have and don’t be afraid to mention any spots or cute shots that you would like to remember your special day.

1. Hannah Hardaway Photography
2. Janelle & Co
3. JCM Photography - Jackson Hole

Wedding Florist: Who can provide us with the perfect flowers?

While weddings include many different decorations, flowers are essential to bring your wedding day to life. Since they are so important, you will definitely want to find the right florist to provide you with your dream flowers. When looking for the right florist, you may have an idea of what flowers you want to have at the wedding, but keep an open mind. What style arrangements are you looking for? Traditional, modern, rustic, organic? What’s your budget for flowers?

Flowers are seasonal and with that comes fluctuating costs. If you have a color scheme in mind, you may want to ask for their suggestions on which flowers may be in season. Who knows, their suggestion may fit into your vision for a dream wedding.

1. JH Flower Boutique
2. Briar Rose
3. Lily & Co

jackson hole wedding flowers

Wedding Cake: Who can provide us with the tastiest and most beautiful cake?

There are many options when it comes to food for a wedding. You may have a full dinner, a buffet lunch, or an ice cream bar with every topping imaginable, but what food do people look forward to the most?  That’s right, the wedding cake! With so many cake and icing options, not to mention the decorating, who can make the right cake for you? 

A few things you will want to consider while looking for the right baker: What cake and icing flavor would you like? How would you like it decorated? With flowers, fruit, a special theme? Do you want a groom's cake? What’s your budget for the cakes? Once you have the answer for most of these questions, you may even want to find some inspiration photos to share with the baker. Doing these things will help you find the right fit and ensure that you will have the dream cakes for your special day.

1. Buttercream Design Co.

2. Foxy Cakes Sassy Bakes

3. Atelier Ortega

Wedding Transportation: Who can help us, our friends and our family get around to all the celebrations?

When planning your wedding day, don’t forget the logistics of getting everyone from the airport to the hotel, the hotel to the wedding venue and so on. The good news is, we have the solution for all of your transportation needs. Double Black Transportation is a black car service in Jackson Hole. We can serve parties of all sizes with our luxury buses. 

When planning for your wedding day, there are so many other events leading up to and after the wedding that you may need special transportation for, such as:

- Wedding Showers

- Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

- Transportation for Travelers

- Rehearsal and Rehearsal DInner

- Wedding Day

- Day After Wedding Brunch

- General Guest Entertainment: National Park tours, food tours, etc.

Whether you want a low-key ride between venues, you’d like to spice things up with a party bus for your wedding shower or some fun entertainment for all the times between with a tour, we can provide all of the transportation for your needs. Our party buses have all the latest features, including surround-sound speakers, multipurpose lighting, 2 TVs, the best wraparound seating, surround sound speakers, and incredible lighting system.

Our goal is to provide world-class service for every customer, every trip. We’re ready to work with you to make your wedding day and all of your other celebrations surrounding it are everything you’ve ever dreamed.  

Learn more about Double Black Transportation.

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