How to spend a weekend in Jackson Hole this Summer

If you’re looking for a quick trip to a mountain town this summer, there’s nowhere better than Jackson Hole. Surrounded by two national parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton) and loaded with delicious restaurants, you will have no problem getting your fill of entertainment. In this guide, we will cover Jackson Hole transportation, things to do in Jackson Hole in the summer, our favorite restaurants and more!

Here’s how to have the perfect three-day weekend in Jackson Hole.


Day One - Town of Jackson


Kick off your long weekend in Jackson Hole with breakfast at Persephone’s Bakery. This fast casual spot is a local favorite and with good reason, they have some of the best drinks and breakfast sandwiches in town!


After breakfast, you will walk 2 blocks to the  Town Square of Jackson which is bustling during the summer due to the high number of awesome, locally-owned shops. Some of our favorites include New West Knifeworks, Pendleton, Made and Wyoming Outfitters. But if you only have time or the budget for one item, we recommend getting a custom cowboy hat at Encounter Hat Co. The staff there will help you find the perfect sized hat and customize it to your liking with hand-stitching, brands, and tons of accessories!


There are a ton of restaurants to choose from while in the Town Square. Some great casual options include Liberty Burger, Merry Piglets (tex-mex) and New York City Sub Shop. If you feel like something a little more refined, Hatch is the best upscale taqueria in town. 


It’s time to burn some calories after lunch, luckily there’s a great short hike within a 10 minute walk from the Town Square! Snow King is the town ski mountain that has a hiking/biking trail during the summer that provides a beautiful view of the town of Jackson. If you’re not feeling up to hike after one too many tacos, there’s also a gondola that you can ride up for the same view. Make sure to check out the mountain coaster and alpine slide if you’re traveling with youngsters!

Dinner and a Show

Once you’re showered after your hike, it’s time to head over to the Jackson Hole Playhouse for the most entertaining meal in town. Dinner is a multi-course meal served by the actors from that night’s play, who will be singing western show tunes as you eat. After dinner, you’ll head into the theater for a family-friendly play that takes place in the Wild West.

Day Two - Yellowstone

Jackson Hole is less than 60 miles from the entrance of Yellowstone, making it a must-see activity. The Lower Loop of Yellowstone takes about 12 hours to complete if you want time to truly appreciate all of the attractions, which trust me, you do! These include the geyser Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Hayden Valley and West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Since it’s a 12 hour long event, we recommend starting early (around 6:00 am) which means you’ll be in the park for sunrise and close to sunset, which are the two best times to see wildlife. You’re practically guaranteed to see bison, elk and moose. If you’re lucky you could also see bears, wolves and otters!

We recommend grabbing lunch at the Old Faithful Geyser area, which will give you time to see the geyser go off since it happens on an hourly basis.


You’re going to be pretty tired and hungry after your Yellowstone excursion, so call in Pinky G’s for the best pizza delivery in Wyoming. Wait times for their pizza can sometimes be up to two hours so it’s best to call ahead as you leave the Park.

While most of us will be too tired after Yellowstone and pizza to go out, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is the place for those who are not! This historical establishment is known for its square dancing, live bands, cowboy pool sharks and saddle bar stools. If you’re too tired to make it there, definitely check it out at some point during the trip (doors open at 11:00 am).

Day Three - The Tetons


You’re going to start off your last day of your trip with waffles at Corbet’s Cabin on the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You will ride the aerial tram up 4,139 vertical feet in only 12 minutes and enjoy some great waffles with an even better view of the entire valley floor.


After breakfast, it’s time to get moving again! There are some great hiking trails that you can hop on right outside of Corbet’s Cabin, including Rock Springs Loop and Cody Bowl. However, we recommend going back down the tram and into Grand Teton National Park which is only a 5 minute drive from the Mountain Resort. There are tons of trails in the Park, so you can find the best one for you depending on difficulty and duration. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly trail, Phelps Lake is an awesome out-and-back route that has a 30 foot high rock to jump off of into the water.


Traffic will likely be pretty bad after the hike with everyone leaving the Parks, so it will be best to grab dinner in Teton Village. Some of the best dining options include Il Villaggio Osteria (italian), Westbank Grill (american inside the Four Seasons) and Teton Thai, if you want something more casual.


As we’ve already pointed out Jackson Hole is extremely spread out, making it crucial to figure out your transportation before you start drinking on your trip. Depending on your group size we recommend either hiring a private SUV driver or a Jackson Hole party bus. This way you will have your ride waiting for you and won’t have to risk Ubers and taxis not being available. Also it’s hard to beat riding a party bus through the Tetons, blasting your favorite music while seeing wildlife through extra-large windows!

If you’re on a tighter budget then we recommend either staying in Jackson and Teton Village, or Idaho if you’re already there. Don’t rely on an Uber for interstate travel!

Jackson Hole Party Bus


We hope that this guide not only helped you with ideas for your next weekend in Jackson Hole but that you've actually completed all of our jam-packed days! If so, good for you! If not, you've still got time to cross them off your list. In the meantime, make sure to reach out to us for your Jackson Hole party bus needs.

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