How to Plan A DIY Wedding in Jackson Hole

So you want to get married in Jackson Hole but don’t want to spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wedding? We don’t blame you! That’s why we made this guide on a DIY wedding that will keep your hard earned money in the bank. We will cover everything from the venue and flowers to entertainment, food and transportation. So grab a pen, and let’s begin!

Jackson Hole Wedding Ceremony

There are a ton of great ceremony locations that don't break the bank in Jackson Hole. You can still get married in Grand Teton National Park for $200. Though the booking process has changed, so you'll want to plan it in advance. The Wedding Tree is the most famous site and for good reason! It is a picturesque siting with lots of privacy. Another great option is Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church!

Jackson Hole Reception Venue

If you have spent any time researching a wedding in Jackson Hole, you know that finding the perfect venue is arguably the hardest part of the process. While most of the premier locations cost around $5,000 (if not more), there are some other great lesser-known options as well!

  1. Saloon at the Mangy Moose - a Jackson Hole institution that makes you feel as if you got in a time machine. The Mangy Moose is a classic bar but people tend to forget about it during the summer because of its location next to the ski resort.
  2. Snake RIver Lodge and Spa - also located next to the ski resort, the Snake River Lodge can host up to 200 guests at a reasonable price. They also have their own catering options.
  3. Calico - Perhaps the best value for any outdoor venue in the Valley, Calico has a beautiful lawn with plenty of shade for a memorable wedding in the Tetons.
  4. Airbnb - While it might sound crazy at first, hosting your reception at a vacation rental might be the best option for you! Plenty of places have large lawns perfect for a small reception (20 - 50 guests). Just make sure to ask your host beforehand, you don't want the cops showing up mid-ceremony!

Jackson Hole Wedding Transportation

Jackson Hole is a pretty spread out valley and guests tend to find lodging all across it. Guests also tend to put themselves in situations where they aren’t able to drive home after a night of festivities. That’s why finding the right transportation solution is key to having a great party.

  1. Double Black Transportation - There’s nothing quite like having a Jackson party bus for your wedding transportation in Jackson Hole. Between the music, lights and ability to drink to and from the venue puts everyone in a good mood. Double Black has you covered with their premier shuttle service, that will make sure everyone gets back in one piece.
  2. A Black Car Service - If you have less people in need of a ride but are still looking for something nicer than uber, this taxi service has some of the nicest black SUVs in town. 
  3. Uber/Lyft - While not always a hundred percent guaranteed in such a small town, Uber and Lyft allow you to put some of the responsibility on your guests while you handle  everything at the venue.

The Food 

The labor shortage is real, especially in Jackson Hole. Meaning that catering prices have gone to the moon over the last two wedding seasons. That’s why we recommend pre-made catering options that results in you avoiding paying for all of the on-hand labor that classic catering requires.

  1. Pica’s Mexican Taqueria - Often considered the best mexican restaurant in town, Pica’s makes fresh party platters that guarantee to be a crowd pleaser. Oh did we mention, they start at only $85!
  2. Bubba’s BBQ - You might as well eat like a cowboy while in the Rockies and Bubba’s can make sure you do just that. 
  3. Blue Collar Restaurant Group - One of the biggest restaurant groups in Jackson, Blue Collar offers a variety of food at a reasonable price. This includes burgers, mexican, BBQ and sushi!

The DJ

As we mentioned earlier, labor shortages have rocked Jackson Hole, especially during wedding season. That’s why we recommend finding a DJ who can play all of the right songs by himself and avoid you paying the cost of three or more bandmembers.

  1. DJIrvbody - An up and coming local DJ who knows how to spin with the best of them.
  2. DJ Era - Possibly more infamous than famous, DJ Era will make sure you, your party and he has the best night possible.
  3. SteadyJake DJ - The most highly reviewed DJ in Jackson Hole, SteadyJake takes pride in the hundreds of weddings he has entertained, all at an affordable price.

The Flowers 

While there are several Jackson Hole florists that specialize in weddings, we recommend going to the actual shops and setting them up yourselves. 

  1. Briar Rose - Founded almost three decades ago, Briar Rose never disappoints.
  2. Albertsons Floral - While Albertsons might not specialize in weddings it is by far the most bang for your buck in this pricey town! 
  3. Porcupine Greenhouse & Nursery - A chance to get them right at the source, Porcupine Greenhouse offers a variety of local flowers and plants, without the florist price!


Jackson Wedding Photographer

The importance of an apt wedding photographer cannot be overstated. While living in the moment is great and all, it's the pictures from your special day that you will be looking at the rest of your life. Luckily, Jackson has an abundance of talented wedding photographers.

  1. Hannah Hardaway - One of the OGs, has been doing it for over ten years.
  2. Taylor Glenn - Prides herself in capturing the moment with authenticity.
  3. Erin Wheat - A nationally published photographer who lets her pictures tell the story.

We hope you found some great local vendors that don't crush the wallet. As well as some local DIY secrets for your wedding in Jackson Hole!

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