10 Best Jackson Hole Events on a Party Bus

Are you looking to host an event in Jackson Hole? Do you love party buses? Well then you’ve come to the right place! There are all sorts of events you can host on a Jackson Hole party bus for almost any occasion whether it be a bachelor(ette) party, anniversary, birthday, reunion, corporate event or any other cause for celebration. Between their fun amenities and group transportation capabilities, party buses are great for amping up the night. Without further ado, here are our 10 best Jackson Hole events to use a party bus with!

Jackson Party Bus

Brewery Tour

There are dozens of awesome breweries in Jackson Hole, making it the perfect place to go on a pub crawl with friends and family. Because of how much space it takes to have a 30-barrel production facility, most of the Jackson Hole breweries are away from Downtown, making it a great time to book a party bus for transportation.  We recommend picking 3 - 5 stops, depending on how much time you have and your drinking capabilities. Check our guide to the best breweries in Jackson Hole to help you decide which ones you’ll be visiting! Our take our scenic brewery tour of Jackson Hole that goes up into Idaho and Alpine!

Boozy Brunch

Is there a better way to start a Saturday or Sunday morning than a boozy brunch? Yes, by taking a party bus to and from your brunch destination! Jackson has several great brunch options, but the best deal is bottomless mimosas at The Bird every Sunday! You can keep the deals flowing by booking a party bus through Double Black, where we offer great daytime discounts!

Jackson Hole brunch

Boat Outing

Another great way to capitalize on our daytime discounts is by using our Jackson Hole limo service to get to one of the marinas in Grand Teton National Park or up in Alpine. Jackson’s water offerings include barges, fly fishing expeditions and watersports, so there’s something for everyone!

Night Out

While most people visit Jackson for its outdoor activities, it also has a couple of great drinking establishments where you will find the entire town on a weekend night (or a Tuesday night!) . The most famous of which is the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar where they offer live music Tuesday - Saturday.  Other honorable mentions include The Silver Dollar, the Wort Hotel’s bar that features live music and swing dancing on Tuesdays, and The Rose, the closest thing to a nightclub in Jackson, where they have live music.


Contrary to popular belief, not every party bus adventure has to be booze related! Don’t believe us, we have clients taking one of our party buses to the bowling alley for their 12-year-old’s birthday party this weekend. Kids love limo buses for the same reason adults do, loud music, LED mood lighting and feeling like you’re a celebrity. The best bowling alley in Jackson is Hole Bowl where they also have arcade games and a full bar with food. Bowling is a great option to pair it with if you’re not a huge drinker or underaged. It’s also a great option if you are a huge drinker!

Golf Outing

Golfing is another great wholesome-as-you-want-it-to-be activity that can be supplemented with the use of a party bus. Jackson Hole has some amazing golf courses but most of the public ones are in Idaho, so they are too far of a drive if you plan on partaking at the 19th hole. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! A Jackson Hole party bus is the perfect ride for any golf tournament with enough room to fit over a dozen sets of clubs and two TVs to watch whatever sports are going on that day.

Restaurant Crawl

Everyone has obviously heard of a bar crawl, but have you ever been on a restaurant crawl?? There’s simply no better way to explore a city, especially Jackson, than by hitting 3 - 5 restaurants, enjoying one or two shared courses at each stop. How else will you get a chance to try all of the places you’ve been reading about in a booze-fueled weekend?

Idaho Transportation

Whether you’re staying in Idaho and need group transportation to downtown Jackson or you’re staying in Jackson and want to golf in Idaho, a party bus is guaranteed to be the most fun method of transportation. Double Black also offers excellent multi-day rates, so let us know if you’re staying in Idaho and need transportation all weekend long!

Jackson Hole transportation

National Park Day

You must see either Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone during your visit and we can help you get there!  Depending on how much time you have, either one can be the perfect place for you to spend a day. Our extra-large windows provide ample opportunity to see wildlife while you get to jam to your favorite Willie Nelson tunes on the way. We also offer a Grand Teton National Park driving tour that offers ample photo opportunities.

Ski Day

It’s no secret that Jackson Hole is one of, if not the best ski resort in the United States. Jackson Hole is an extremely spread out valley where securing transportation can be as difficult as the infamous terrain. That’s why you should book one of our party buses for your next ski day! We’ve got an extra-large luggage compartment that can fit all of your gear while you aprés.

Jackson Hole Transportation

Jackson Hole Events for Party Buses

Jackson Hole is a great place to host events, whether you’re a local or not. There are endless entertainment options and the best way to take advantage of them is with the help of a party bus in Jackson Hole. The music, lights and wraparound seating create the perfect intimate party setting for any occasion. If you’re having difficulty with the event planning process, give us a shout and we will bring our partying expertise to the cause!